60 Unique QOTD that can almost double your engagement on Bookstagram

Are you someone who finds it hard to engage with your followers? Are you spending a lot of time but still cannot bookst your engagement on bookstagram? Or are you finding it hard to come up with new QOTDs every time you post? Then you are at the right place because I have 60 unique QOTD ideas for you that almost doubled my engagement on Bookstagram.

First and foremost thing you need to understand is why there is a need to ask Question of the day whenever you are posting?

So, I am a kind of bookstagrammer who wants to interact with other bookstagrammers but at the same time feels shy and uncomfortable (I know it sounds weird). I find QOTDs the best way to interact. Here are some of the questions that you could ask on bookstagram.

  1. Leave a hashtag of the book that you are currently reading so that I can check that out.
  2. Describe the book you are currently reading in three words or three emoji.
  3. What are you looking forward to reading?
  4. What’s your last, current and next read
  5. What is the genre of the book you are currently reading?
  6. What is the weirdest thing you have used as a book mark?
  7. What is your weirdest reading habit?
  8. If someone is willing to pay you 100 bucks for every book you read. How many books will you read in a month?
  9. Which frictional character makes you feel safe and happy?
  10. Are you addicted to a particular genre or you read all sort of genres?
  11. What was the last book you purchased just because of instagram?
  12. Do you make book predictions? How often do they come true?
  13. Which book are you eagerly waiting to start because you know you are going to love it?
  14. Which genre often takes you out of your comfort zone?
  15. Which is that one book you want everyone to read?
  16. How do you choose your next read?
  17. Which book makes you feel happy?
  18. What are your thoughts on classic books?
  19. How often do you read classics? Which one is your favorite?
  20. What was the last book that stunned you?
  21. How often do you read classics?
  22. What is your favorite trope?
  23. Do you take notes while reading?
  24. What are the things you love in romance/thriller/fantasy/your favorite genre?
  25. What book is next on your TBR list?
  26. What do you prefer long chapters or short chapters?
  27. Do you prefer reading books with single POV or multiple POV?
  28. Three female fictional characters you absolutely adore?
  29. Three male fictional characters you absolutely adore?
  30. If you could marry, kill and date frictional character, whom would they be?
  31. Genres that you are looking forward to read this year?
  32. What do you prefer- hyped books or not so hyped books?
  33. Which character from a book is the most like you?
  34. If you could undo the death of a fictional character who would that character be?
  35. If you could be character from a book for one day, who would you be and why?
  36. Which author you would recommend everyone?
  37. What are your favorite opening lines from novels?
  38. Which book would you love to live in?
  39. Which book is at the top of your wish list?
  40. Which fictional character is your least favorite?
  41. Unpopular bookish opinion
  42. Which character’s death hit you the hardest?
  43. Which book made you cry the most?
  44. What are the problems you face as a bookworm/bookstagrammer?
  45. Recent books you read and gave 5 stars.
  46. Recommendations
  47. If you could have a magical power, what would that be?
  48. Who is your favorite fictional villain?
  49. Favorite male author?
  50. Favorite female author?
  51. Which country are you from? Who is the most famous author in your country?
  52. If you could travel to a fictional place, where would you go?
  53. Which genre puts you into reading slump?
  54. Which genre help you get out of reading slump?
  55. If you could choose a group of fictional friends, which characters would be a part of your group?
  56. Describe the last book you read in less than 3 words.
  57. What do you prefer- 1st Person, 2nd person or 3rd person perspective?
  58. If you could go on a date with a fictional character, whom would you choose?
  59. What is your go to genre?
  60. What was the last book you read which shouldn’t be judged by its cover?

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