In Cold Blood By Jane Bettany (BOOK REVIEW)

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No secret can stay buried forever…

As the Whitworth family begin renovations on their new home, their plans are brought to an abrupt end when they discover a body buried in the back garden.

DI Isabel Blood and her team are called to investigate, but as she approaches Ecclesdale Drive, a feeling of unease settles in her gut.

The property cordoned off is number 23. The house she used to live in as a child…

The forensic team estimate that the body has been in the ground for up to forty years – coinciding with the time Isabel’s family lived in the house.

Isabel’s father vanished without a trace when she was fourteen years old. And with her mother remaining tight-lipped about her father’s disappearance, Isabel can’t escape the unnerving sense of dread that it’s his body, buried in the garden.


This is the first book in the D.I. Isabel Blood series. 

>>The story begins when Amy and Paul Whitworthb who are siblings  begin renovating their new house in Derbyshire town of Bainbridge in order to sell it when they discover a body that has been buried in the back garden. After this incident, we are introduced to the protagonist of this story- Isabel Blood who is a crime investigator. She got shocked when she came to know that the crime took place at 23 Ecclesdale Drive because she used to live there with her parents until she left the house when she was about fourteen years old. Her father left the house and never came home. 

>>While investigating, the crime scene investigator told Isabel that the body is that of a male and the crime has been committed 30-40 years back. Isabel was dumbstruck because she used to live in that house during that time frame. After which, a lot of questions start arising in her mind. She started thinking that the body could be of his father who went missing.  

I wish I could give this book all the stars… I loved the plot and how the characters were written. I felt that the storyline was never broken throughout the book, and the suspense kept flowing strongly. 

>>I love reading thrillers with female protagonists and that is why I picked the book in the first place. Another reason for picking this book was the blurb. To be honest, the story was even more chilling as compared to the blurb. 

I really loved the character of Isabel and her mother who have emerged as strong characters after what happened in their lives. 

Can’t wait for her next book in the series.

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