I found shop on Etsy which is a Hidden Gem for bookworms!!

Earlier it was easy to shop for bookworms but gone are the days when bookworms were given books and sometimes it can be really monotonous to buy books for yourself or your friends who prefer being in a fictional world. I am assuming since you’ve decided to read this article, you are intrigued to know more about the shop I referred to in the title of this article.

Who doesn’t need bookmarks for books? Don’t tell me you are someone who folds the edges of the pages. I hope I’ll help you get rid of that habit by the end of this article (I was one amongst you but then I found bookmarks hahaha!!) Recently I found a shop on Etsy named “Cartofleur” which sells handmade flower pressed bookmarks and thought of sharing my view on the bookmarks I received with other bookworms because I can’t even describe how beautiful were the bookmarks I received. I literally gasped when I opened the package. Talking about the product, I would recommend any reader to go for these bookmarks since the finishing was impressive and on top of that, the bookmarks were handmade.

Do read the article till the end because I will be giving insights about this shop and why you should consider buying these bookmarks.

Click here to get your bookmarks customised


Cartofleur is run by Emilie Bodin, who is French but have been living in England for more than ten years. Emilie was born in a small town in the French Alps in a loving family of artists. She learnt the pressed flower technique from watching her mum from a young age. She came to the UK to pursue a career in the hospitality industry in the first place but it is when she had her first daughter that she decided to start her own business. She made her first sales at a local crafts market in London and it was when she opened her Etsy store.

Click here to view these bookmarks

Click here to view these Love You Mum bookmarks


  • Pressed flower bookmarks
  • Glass pressed flower art frame
  • Handmade pressed flower lampshades

Apart from offering these products, Emilie enjoys making customised invitations, announcements, cards and bookmarks as well as working with bridal bouquets upon request.

Click here to view these bookmarks

Click here to view this leaf glass frame

Click here to view this glass pressed flower art frame

Click here to view this handmade pressed flower lampshade


  • First and foremost, these are handmade bookmark with pressed flowers including autumn leaves and meadow/garden flowers.
  • These bookmarks are best for all sort of events whether it be someone’s birthday, mother’s day or simply genre-specific bookmarks. That’s only because you can get your bookmarks customized as per your wish.
  • Emilie (the owner of cartofleur) grow flowers in her garden on her own and pick flowers/leaves in her local area. Then she follows a long process of pressing to naturally preserve the flowers. Once they are ready and through her daily inspiration, she designs cards and floral inclusions for a variety of events.
  • An ultimate gift for a bookmark hoarder or people who love collecting bookish accessories.
  • The efforts that Emilie puts into making the bookmarks are commendable and trust me you won’t get disappointed by the bookmarks.
  • The finishing of these bookmarks are literally praiseworthy.
  • These are simply adorable and I am not saying it out of words. I have more than 70-80 bookmarks but these bookmarks are literally the most beautiful bookmarks I own.
  • The owner of this shop is so polite and understanding. I am not saying it out of words I mean it. Feel free to message Emilie in case you have any queries regarding the bookmarks. Click here to view her instagram handle.
  • Every now and then you can expect some new designs coming out. Even a couple of days back, Emilie listed a bunch of new bookmarks and all of them were literally got sold out like hotcakes and that’s because of the quality one is getting at such an affordable price.

Click here to view these bookmarks

Click here to view these bookmarks

Click here to view these bookmarks

A picture that I posted on my Instagram of the bookmarks I recevied

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