Marriage: 100 stories around India’s favourite ritual by Devdutt Pattanaik [Book Review]

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Marriage, by mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, brings together stories from Vedic, Puranic, Tamil, and Sanskrit literature, from regional, classical, folk and tribal lore, from oral and textual traditions, across 3000 years of history and 3 million square kilometres of geography, to reveal the diversity and fluidity of Indian customs and beliefs around marriage.

My Thoughts

The book includes 100 stories about marriage from Vedic, Tamil, Sanskrit literature, folklore. When I picked this book, I was sure that I must be aware of a lot of stories but there were only a couple of stories I heard about. 
The book was divided into various parts ranging from Origin to Separation. Each section had amazing stories that were either taken from Mahabharata or vedic purans
I got to know about a lot of stories that are a part of our holy books but I didn’t know about the stories.
The story I kind of liked was- Prajakta
There was once a plant fell in love with the sun God, Surya. She adored him gently, but he showed no interest in her. Heartbroken, she decided she would bloom only at night so that the sun would never experience her fragrance.

On the whole it was an amazing book. Anyone who wants to learn more about the cultures and traditions practised during marriages in India should definitely read this book.

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