Animal By Lisa Taddeo [BOOK REVIEW]


Joan has spent a lifetime enduring the cruel acts of men. But when one of them commits a shocking act of violence in front of her, she flees New York City in search of Alice, the only person alive who can help her make sense of her past. In the sweltering hills above Los Angeles, Joan unravels the horrific event she witnessed as a child—that has haunted her every waking moment—while forging the power to finally strike back.

Here is the electrifying debut novel from Lisa Taddeo, author of the #1 New York Times bestseller and international phenomenon Three Women, which was named to more than thirty best-of-the-year lists and hailed as “a dazzling achievement” (Los Angeles Times) and “a heartbreaking, gripping, astonishing masterpiece” (Esquire). Animal is a depiction of female rage at its rawest, and a visceral exploration of the fallout from a male-dominated society. With writing that scorches and mesmerizes, Taddeo illustrates one woman’s exhilarating transformation from prey into predator.


The story revolves around a 36 year old woman named Joan who has witnessed a public suicide in the beginning of the book. After this incident, she is in search of answers about her past from a girl named Alice. Without revealing much about the story, I would suggest you buy a copy of this book. I read a lot of mixed reviews and this book isn’t fir everyone but you should definitely give it a try. I would say that it was more of a character driven novel rather than being plot driven.

It’s hard to find the right word to describe how I felt after reading the book. For me it was emotional and depressing at times but I appreciate the efforts that the author has put in writing the book. I completed this book a couple of days ago but I couldn’t find time to sit and write a review. Ever since I finished this book, I could not progress. It feels as if the story is stuck somewhere in my head. At this point of time, I don’t know how I will rate this book. I am not pretty sure if I loved the protagonist or not but the author has penned amazing characters.

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